Title: Wish You Were Here - Epilogue
Author: mysensitiveside
Author’s Email: mysensitiveside@yahoo.com
Rating: Mostly PG-13, a bit of R
Pairing: Myka/H.G.
Word Count: 55,300
Summary: Myka wishes she could see H.G. again. This wasn’t quite what she had in mind.
Spoilers (if any): Through all of Season 3

Disclaimer: Warehouse 13 and its characters are the property of the SyFy Channel. No infringement intended.

Author’s Notes: Written for the IDF 2012 Big Bang. Massive thanks go to the wonderful theagonyofblank for beta-ing this monster, and to grumpybear1031 for her amazing complementary graphics!


“Hurry up, Helena, or we’re going to miss our flight!”

Myka knocked yet again on the bathroom door. One of Helena’s favorite things about the 21st century was actually the advancements in personal hygiene – there was no such thing as a “quick” shower, as far as Helena was concerned.

“Just a moment, darling!” Helena called through the door.

Myka sighed, before yelping in surprise when the door, which she’d been leaning against, suddenly opened, and Helena pulled her inside.

She could only blink, dazed. Her eyes traveled slowly up and down Helena’s body – because yes, Helena was just standing there, practically posing, naked.

Myka groaned when her eyes reached her girlfriend’s smirking face. That look meant danger. They didn’t have time for danger. And yet still, Myka could only watch as Helena sauntered forward, swaying her hips way more than was necessary. Helena bit her lip, silently daring Myka to stop her, before she leaned in and pressed her naked body, still dripping from the shower, up against Myka – and great, now her clothes were going to be wet, and she’d have to change outfits.

“Helenaaa,” Myka whined, even as her arms involuntarily wrapped around Helena’s waist.

“I am quite certain,” Helena mumbled as she kissed the thundering pulse point in Myka’s neck, making her way slowly down to Myka’s shoulder, “that the Caretaker of Warehouse 13 has the authority to delay a flight for... say an hour? Claudia can do it in a second.”

“We can’t,” Myka began, even while she urged Helena’s mouth back upward so she could meet it with her own, “make Claudia delay our flight just so we can have sex, Helena.” She spoke between kisses, moaning as Helena’s fingernails raked through her hair. “I’m ‘quite certain’ that that’s an unethical use of Claudia’s authority.”

“It’s not having sex, darling,” Helena corrected with a smirk. “We are always making love.”

Myka grinned. “You’re such a sap.”

Somehow, the moment of levity was enough for Myka to regain control. She nipped once more at Helena’s lips, but then stepped away, kissing Helena on the cheek as she continued, “I’m not making Claudia delay our flight for that either. So hurry your pretty self up, and then we’ll be on our way.”

With that, she lightly tapped Helena on the ass and then left the bathroom to go find some dry clothes that weren’t already packed.

They were flying to London. Bit by bit, they’d been doing a lot of the things that Myka had done with Helena while she’d been back in time. Well, the good things, anyway. That way, Helena could now feel like she had really done all those things, instead of some other person, only vaguely related to herself. They made new memories, this way, together.

They’d be gone for a full month, having practically annoyed Artie to death until he relented and granted them vacation time. They’d be knocking a lot of things off their list, going from London to Sandgate to Paris to Saint-Nazaire, and then back to London for a few days before flying home. Myka was somewhat worried that this trip would bring back a lot of difficult memories, memories of Christina, but she knew they’d get through it. They had each other, so they could get through anything.

Myka rolled her eyes at herself. She was a sap, too.

In any case, they were both looking forward to some time off together.

It actually didn’t take very long before Helena was ready to go. As was their tradition, they both kissed the tips of their fingers, and then pressed them to the framed photograph, before they left the room. It was the artifact as it had appeared to Helena that day. They’d eventually figured out how it had happened – just as Myka had earlier made a strong enough wish to see Helena again, so too had Helena made her wish to bring Myka back home for good.

Claudia had made them a special frame that periodically coated the photograph with neutralizer, keeping it inactive. Somewhere in the Warehouse, there was a spot on a shelf with the tag, “John Hinde’s Postcard.” Where the artifact would normally be, however, there was simply a note: “On indefinite loan to Leena’s Bed & Breakfast.”

After a few last requests and unsolicited bits of advice (Claudia: “Bring me back something good!”; Pete: “Try not to be too disgustingly sweet together all the time. I know you’ve got your epic time traveling love and all that, but you’ll be in actual public now. We don’t want people to start dying off from an overload of cuteness.”), they were finally ready to go.

Claudia was loaning them her driver, who came automatically with the Caretaker job, whether Claudia had any real need for him or not.

They settled together into the back seat of the car, fingers intertwined, ready for the next adventure.