Title: Unspoken
Author: Trialia
Authorís Email: trialia@livejournal.com
Rating: M
Pairing: Helena Cain/Gina Enviere
Word Count: 124
Summary: She is my sin.
Spoilers (if any): Pegasus, Razor

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Authorís Notes: For [info]teh_gandu - hope you like it! I have no idea how Gina's last name is written, so I wrote what I heard?

What I thought was a woman is not. I loved it, and I hate that I did, but because I did I trusted it. Half my people are dead because I looked only at what I blindly believed was there, not what is. I trusted, without thinking logically, and their deaths are all on my hands because I did.

What's a few more dead here or there, if it means the survival of the human race? After all, I'm already a killer. Pegasus will fight on.

'Gina Enviere' was my sin, but not mine alone. I will expiate that sin, if it kills me. You first, though, 'Gina'. I will see that you pay for all if it is the last thing I do.