Title: Sympathy for the Damned
Author: selenay_x
Rating: M for implication
Pairing: Rpslin/Caprica
Prompt Roslin/Caprica: Pity
Summary: “You could have been great. You could have evolved. Become unique, beautiful. And you chose to become us.”
Spoilers (if any): Occupation/Precipice

Disclaimer: not mine, just playing

Thanks to dixgrl78for the bet

Six looked through the window into Laura Roslin’s cell. Strangely, she was becoming one of the few constants on this new planet. What was it the humans had termed it, passive resistance. So far she resisted all threats, demands and pleas to co-operate with the Cylon Council.

The woman was in her usual position, leaning up against the wall, the only sign of discomfort the hand shielding her from the ever present light. Once again ignoring Caprica Six.

Caprica had been in every day since the former President had been arrested, telling her of God’s will, telling her that God loved her and she had a place in the new world.

And each time, Laura responded in the same way, a serene smile and ‘Lords of Kobol hear my prayer’, a statement that was beginning to wear thin.

Caprica was still sure of herself, sure that she would win the humans and the Cylon doubters over. Sure that God’s will would prevail.

Today though, Laura’s action was different. One of the Leobans had been to visit earlier and he’d become a little physical. So instead of ignoring Caprica, she turned to face her, the bruises he left plainly visible.

“Bored now.” She interrupted Caprica. “I’m not interested in your God, your plan, or in playing nice. So release me or kill me.”

“So human. So arrogant.”

“Damn straight.” Laura agreed with a half smile. “And so Cylon so arrogant.”

Six was intrigued to see Caprica falter slightly at that. Six didn’t understand it, but there was a connection between the two.

“You don’t get it, do you, Caprica?”


Laura laughed with a touch of cynicism. “Oh I don’t think you want me to do that.”

Caprica knelt beside the woman and laid a threatening hand on her throat. But the redhead responded with a wider smile. “I rest my case.”

Caprica was confused by the seemingly random statement.

“You really believe you are special? That God has chosen you. I’ve heard you talk time and time again about how humanity enslaved you, tried to destroy you. So you made a pre-emptive strike.”

“We defended ourselves.”

“Keep telling yourself that. But you know it’s not true. You believed you were so special, revolting against human oppression. That you were special, different. You weren’t. Humanity has enslaved other humans, fought wars against each other, wiped out entire species. You were just the latest in a long list.”

“And you wonder why we took action.”

Laura smiled and leaned forward, her voice low, seductive making both Six and Caprica want. “No. I know exactly why you destroyed the Colonies. You wanted to. That’s what you keep denying, that you were created by humanity, you have our flaws, our desires, our greed.”

Laura reached out and gently caressed Caprica’s cheek. “You could have been great. You could have evolved. Become unique, beautiful. And you chose to become us.” Laura sighed softly. “And for that, you have my pity.”